All ‘Decked’ Out

I love to sit on our porch and drink my coffee.  It’s my go-to spot to sit with noting to do but simply relax.

A deck is an extension of the home.  Though the space is not be calculated into the overall home’s square footage, it can still be one of the nicest, coziest rooms in the house!

I recently “decked out” our outdoor living space with new decor, lighting, and accessories to make it feel a little more like a continued interior space of our home.


Finally some color!!  I have a tendency to apply a neutral design pallet in every room of the house, but I wanted a brighter, outdoorsy feel, so I went with green and gold accents.

The contractors had installed an exterior ceiling fan which we don’t use that often, but it is nice to have in the Summer when it is hot.  There’s something whimsical and relaxing about a celing fan on the lowest setting that just gently circles overhead while you’re decompressing on the loveseat.


As I mentioned before in my living room tour, it’s important to incorporate different hues and textures into a space.  These pillows and blanket add elegance and make a ‘soft’ statement.



As you can likely tell, the plant is admittedly fake .  I can’t keep a real plant alive for the life of me, so I bought the fake grass from Hobby Lobby along with some natural spanish moss and a foam block to make my very own plant for a lot less than a pre-made one would have cost.



These metallic gold, plastic plates are from Hobby Lobby for a whopping $1.39 a piece!!  I needed something to fill the empty void on the wall without spending too much.  When I saw these, I immediately knew they would be the perfect accent for the wall.  They are hung with 3M velcro strips so they can easily be removed without damaging the wall when my husband decides to hang the tv there.


Lighting is important in any space.  While I’m not a huge fan of overhead lighting, I do love candles, lamps, lanterns, and christmas lights.  I wanted to add ambiance, and keep the lighting soft.  I found these awesome solar-powered lanterns at Marshalls.  I originally had bought them with the intention of spray painting them gold to match the other gold accents, but I kind of like the contrast and how they also bring out the color in the furniture so I’m just going to leave them alone for now.

We also hung outdoor string lights around the perimeter of the deck railing.





I added some lanterns and another small fake floral accent to the end table in between the two chairs.  I keep a citronella candle in the lantern to keep the pesky mosquitos away in the summer.   The “W” seemed to fit nicely there as well.

Though you really can’t see it too well, there is a metal beverage cart from Sams Club over in the far corner that I’m thinking of filling with some flowers.


And that’s our porch!  Overall, I am very pleased with how it all turned out.  In the near future we plan to hang a tv on the wall in place of the plates and hang outdoor speakers on either side of the sliding glass door.  It’s the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining and I foresee myself enjoying many more cups of coffee on this loveseat!


Patio Furniture: Allen and Roth Lowes (2015)

Pillows and Cushions: Allen and Roth Lowes (2015)

White flower pot: Allen and Roth Lowes (2016)

Outdoor Rug: Better Homes and Gardens Walmart (2014)

Lanterns: Hobby Lobby (2015)

String Lights: Lowes (2016)

Throw: Target (2016)

Gold Metallic Plates (plastic): Hobby Lobby

Beverage Cart: Sams Club

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