Beams of my dreams

Wood ceiling beams have been high on my to-do list. For years I’ve researched faux wood beams online, trying to find something that would fit our budget but quickly learned that even the “faux” beams like these were still pricey. So, I did what I do best and decided to make my own…. well not completely on my own! It was definitely a two person job!


The total cost for us to create 6 beams was $216 because we already had all of the supplies and materials other than the wood.

Before purchasing your materials, plan and measure out the location of the beams. Check to see which way your ceiling trusses run and the location of the studs- this is important because you will have to anchor the beams to the studs. To do this, we simply used a stud finder and calculated the distance between each stud.

I began by cutting the wood to size with a 12 in miter saw. 4 of our beams run the full width of our living room which is 15 ft, and the other 2 in the entry way are 5 ft wide. The only ‘tricky’ cuts were the 45 degree angle cuts that butt up to the corner fireplace.

Once all the cuts were made, I stained the boards. You only have to stain one side of three boards. I realllllly love the warm, rich tone of this walnut stain.

While the stain dried, we went ahead and anchored the support board to the ceiling using 3 in wood screws. These boards need to be secure and solid because they are supporting the entire weight of the beam.

After 2 hours of dry time, we were finally ready to assemble the three sided beams.

Using an 18 gauge nail gun, we nailed the side boards to the bottom board.

Once they were all assembled, we slid the 3 sided box over the support board and secured it with more 18 gauge finishing nails which created a complete box (beam).

It is AMAZING how $200 in materials and a 1/2 day of work can transform a space! Even though the beams serve no supportive purpose, their aesthetics compliment the dark wood floors by adding balance, dimension and enhancement to an otherwise boring ceiling!

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    December 15, 2021 at 8:12 pm

    What color paint did u use for the gray wall ? Love it

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