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I was first introduced to LimeLife by Alcone earlier this year.  At first I was only interested in skincare as I wanted to step up my skincare routine after turning 30 to ease and prevent the signs of aging.  My LimeLife journey began with a single product, Dew Date (a great all over moisturizer with soothing and therapeutic essential oils to reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin cell regeneration, and gives a great natural glow to your skin.  Sounds amazing, right?!)  Using this product piqued my interest in Limelife products and shortly after, I decided to become a beauty guide– an exclusive membership that gives you access to a 20-35% off discount, the potential to make commission on personal sales, as well as free products, and incentive gifts!  As I said, I was only interested in the skincare, but I quickly realized they had much more to offer than just great skincare!

LimeLife is an MLM direct sales company that offers all-natural, clean, non-toxic, and worry-free, quality skincare & makeup whose products are paraben free, eco-freindly, vegan, and made in the USA!  I love that they care for the user of product not just the results.  The positive and supportive environment that exists in the LimeLife community is one that lifts me up and is helping me build confidence and a business.

In the beginning, I didn’t care much for the idea of “selling” products.  I solely signed up  for the discounts.  But these products are just too good to not share and spread the word about so I began sharing product info, personal testimonies, and before and after pictures with my friends, family, co-workers, as well as my social channels.  I don’t “need” the money I make from being a beauty guide, but it sure is a nice additional income and the community of girls is so fun!

Beauty Guide Perks

1. All Natural Skincare

LimeLife’s skincare is all natural, non-toxic, paraben free, and vegan. Not only is it effective, its affordable.

2. Professional Cosmetics

The best of the best makeup with the best quality line of products available.

3. The Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is packed FULL of FULL-Sized goodies. No samples! The kit includes a mixture of skincare and makeup as well as catalogs and other business materials to help get you started.

The kit comes in four different shades: light, medium, dark, and deep. The kit contents are as follows:


limelife starter kit.jpg

4. Community

LimeLife’s motto is collaboration, not competition. We don’t have a scarcity mindset at LimeLife because we know that everyone can win! When you become a beauty guide, you also become part of an amazing community that guides you every step of the way.

5. Discounts

As a Beauty Guide, you are able to get wholesale prices on your LimeLife products. You are also able to get discounted tickets to different makeup shows around the country!

6. No Inventory

There is no minimum you must sell to maintain being a Beauty Guide and you do not have to keep an inventory stock.

7. Commission

As a beauty guide you earn 20%-35% on all products that you sell. There is no minimum to sell in order to earn commission. You earn 20% off your first dollar sold. The more you sell, the more you earn.

8. Monthly Sales Incentives

Every month, LimeLife offers different sales incentives. These incentives are very attainable and make being a part of this company that much more fun! Every month they offer 3-4 incentives.

Ready to Sign up?

Ready for a change?  Ready to improve your financial situation?  Ready to make some great new friends? COME JOIN ME!!  You can sign up here! When you do, send me a message, or email me and I’ll help you get started on your new journey!

Questions?  Interested but not sure how to get started? Email me at! I’ll help you get started, put you in our team group, and in our team chat!



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