Budget Friendly Makeup Capsule- Drugstore Makeup Dupes!

With all the hype of the Sephora insider sale I thought it would be a perfect time to reiterate that, “Expensive make-up isn’t always better than drugstore brands!”

Sales are enticing and exciting but the reality of this particular sale is that saving 10% or 15% isn’t that great of a deal and your still going to end up spending boo koo bucks! These days you can save $$ without compromising on quality by purchasing drugstore products rather than high-end makeup and NO ONE will ever know the difference!

I recently put together a list of drugstore dupes that mimic the look, feel, color, etc. of the high-end products at a fraction of the cost!  You can easily achieve a similar look with these cheaper products.

drugstore makeup dupes

Are you team save or splurge?  I am defiantly team SAVE the majority of the time!  Yes, I have a mixture of drugstore and high-end products for the sake of my blog, but 90% of the time, I prefer the cheaper option.  The only exception I will make for splurging on makeup is when it comes to foundation.  I do prefer the higher end beauty brands over drugstore for the simple fact that there a more color match options and I have yet to find a drugstore foundation that matches my skin tone quite like the more expensive ones.

Shop these drugstore makeup finds


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