Christmas Fun!


Aww… Look at that!  She really liked him this year!  She’s laughing so hard it only looks like she’s crying!!!

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I love the family time,  lights, decorations, music, scents, and cozy nights by the fireplace.  It always seems to go bye too fast.


I’m the crazy person who decorates right after halloween….trying to make the most of the Christmas Season!  I truly enjoy the way my house looks with all the christmas decor.  It’s too bad it’s not “ok” to keep the decorations up year round!!

This year was especially fun.  My daughter is at the perfect age for unwrapping gifts and her excitement was contagious!  It is so much fun to watch her open gifts and experience the joy of Christmas through her eyes.  Of all the days to sleep in, she had to pick Christmas morning!  She didn’t wake up until 9:30am!  I got up at 7:00am to make breakfast and start the coffee for my mom and brother (my husband does not like coffee), thinking surely she would be up before 8:00am all ready to get this party started!  Nope. 9:30am!  Every other day she’s up with the sun!


Her reaction to each gift was priceless.  “Look at that!” and “Oh gosh!” are some of her favorite expressions now!  Her most favorite gift of all?… Sofia the First dress, shoes, necklace and wand.  She wore it for two days straight!

Aside from opening gifts over the holiday weekend, we decorated sugar cookies, built a gingerbread house, played the pie face game, and ate (a lot)!  It was a successful and wonderful Christmas!

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