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It’s no secret that I love my coffee and lattes, so it should come as no surprise that I love my coffee and espresso makers!  I’ve shared numerous cups of joe with my followers on instagram and facebook to which I get a lot of the same questions about the machine I have or how I make my latte’s and coffee at home.

I have had a Keurig coffee maker about 8 years now.  My first Keurig machine stopped working and we recently bought the 2.0 model.  It works great for making a traditional cup of coffee.  Most mornings I like to drink 2 “regular” cups of coffee with just a splash of french vanilla coffee creamer.

keurig 2.0

Then, in the afternoon, when I need a caffeine boost, I like to make myself a latte. This expresso machine has been life-changing!  I’d had my eye on it for quite some time and my husband, bless his heart, surprised me with it on Christmas morning!  I originally had just wanted to purchase this expresso maker with a separate milk frother, but once I fond this one, I knew there was so changing my mind!

nespresso delonghi espresso machine

I love how you can make a variety of drinks with the nespresso delonghi and that it has a self-cleaning function so it’s really convenient to use. It’s programable so you can set your desired strength for the espresso and desired amount of milk for each type of drink.  I use it mostly for lattes, and it took no time to get the milk to espresso ratio just right to make the perfect latte.  I like to add one pump of vanilla syrup in my latte, as well.  It can also make iced lattes, macchiatos, or just about anything that involves espresso and frothed milk.  It is also convenient in that it has a self-cleaning option to clean out the milk inside the reusable milk container so it doesn’t go bad.  All you have to do is turn the knob to “clean” once your drink has been made.  It filters water through the pump and then when it’s done, you turn the knob back to your desired amount of “froth” and put the unused milk container back in the refrigerator until you’re ready to make another drink!

Other than loving it for the convenience of being able to make my own drinks and saving a ton of money on expensive lattes from Starbucks, it’s nice to have something to offer to our guests who may want more than just a traditional cup of coffee!

coffee sign

I purchase the espresso pods from Amazon (duh! like everything else I buy)! This option has a variety of strengths and it was the best price option as far as price-per-pod I could find!

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