Coffee Talk Ed. No 15

Good Morning and Happy Friday to you!!

I didn’t sleep well last night so it’s most defiantly going to be a 2-3 cup of coffee kind of day. #givemeallthecoffee Other than that, I have had a very active and productive week both at work, at home, and blogging.  If you missed this weeks posts you can check them our here, here, and here.

I am so overjoyed and blow away to learn that my post “A glimpse in the hard, heartbreaking, and rewarding work of a sonographer” has been shared on Facebook more than 58,000 times with over 120,000 views!  I can’t believe it and I am so grateful, honored, and blessed to be able to share my thoughts, gratitude, and love for my profession with the world.  It feels extremely rewarding to see so many of you like, share, and comment on my heart-felt, self-written article!

I saw somewhere that season 2 of This Is Us will return this Fall!  This makes me so happy as I am dying to know more about Jack’s death and Kate and Toby’s relationship!  I rarely watch any TV but I always try to make time to watch This Is Us, even if I have to record it and watch it when the kids go to bed (which is how I watch movies or TV 99.9% of the time).

We’ve been spending a lot of time at our neighborhood pool recently, and I plan on spending even more time there this weekend.  The kids love the water and starting them at such a young age will only help them be more confident swimmers, plus it is an easy way to wear them out before afternoon naps! 😉 hehe

I am truly in love with this perfume, these shoes, this nail polish.

Have a lovely weekend!

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