Coffee Talk Ed. No 19

Let’s hear it for Friday!!  Pour yourself some more coffee.  You deserve need it…

Time sure flies when you’re busy!  I’m looking forward to some R&R this weekend at home with my husband and babies.  It feels so good to have no plans on my agenda.

If you missed this weeks blog posts, you can find them here, here, and here!


We’ve been swimming at our neighborhood pool a lot recently, especially in the past week due to the hot Midwest temperatures.  My daughter gets more and more daring with every visit.  Yesterday, she did a cartwheel into the water.  Yes.  A cartwheel.  The same goes for my son.  He was very reserved at the beginning of the Summer, but is now swimming all by himself own with his floaties.

I picked up a bottle of Barefoot Pink Moscato Wine at Target the other day and I do believe it is my new favorite, not to mention it was on sale AND it has a screw cap top rather than a cork so it’s quicker and easier to get to!

Have I ever told you how much I love this coffee ice cream?  Take my word for it and go buy some now!

My husband got an echo dot for his Birthday last weekend and we love asking it all kinds of questions.  It’s mostly used for playing music at this point, but I’m researching other ways to incorporate it into everyday life.  Oh, which reminds me- check out this SNL skit!

Last night, Addie saved a baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest on the porch.  She was so proud of herself and extremely excited to hold a bird!


Last Saturday, my dad planned a small get together for my Grandpa’s 92nd Birthday!  We got to visit and eat homemade ice cream and cake.  It was great to see him and my Grandma both and I loved watching them interact with the kids.  We are so blessed!

Hope you have a safe, happy, and relaxing weekend!


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