Coffee Talk Ed. No 28

Hello Friends!  Happy Friday!

Check out this weeks posts here and here.

This week has been so much more relaxing than last week.  Luke is finally, FINALLY over his double ear infection and croupe and everyday life is returning to normal (if there is such a thing).  We go to see the ENT for pre-op and to schedule his myringotomy (ear tubes) next Tuesday.

In other news, the kids had school pictures this week.  My daughter is now at the stage where she is very picky and adamant about what she wears, so it goes without saying that she was very unhappy about the outfit I chose for her to wear.  Her teacher did assure me that the pictures turned out wonderful though.

I really like my new phone case and popsocket.

I purchased this luggage cover for our upcoming trip to keep our new fabric luggage from getting dirty.

Speaking of vacation, it’s almost here!  We got very lucky in that there was no damage from hurricane Irma to our resort in the Dominican Republic and that the Miami airport is up and running with little to no damage and flights have resumed as scheduled.

I’ve got my eye on this book and this podcast to listen to during our flights and downtime at the pool or beach.  Any good book suggestions are welcome and much appreciated!  I don’t get to read as often as I’d like so I want to make sure I get to read something good!

These shoes and instant pot are on my wishlist.

My new favorite earrings.

I loved the Apple Cider Lipsense so much so, I bought Caramel Apple as well!  Check out my LipSense Review here!

That’s all for today y’all!  Stay tuned for more posts next week, including a healthy, delicious, and easy to make snack & tips to update, clean, and maintain your garage!

Have a wonderful weekend!






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