Coffee Talk Ed. No 29

Happy Friday, indeed!  Today, is a very, very special day…

(If you missed this week’s posts, you can check them out here and here.)

Happy Anniversary to my husband, Aaron! Turns out, I love you a whole lot more than I originally planned!!!

Today is our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!

FIVE short years have brought so much change and gone so, so fast!  I have said this before and I’ll say it again, I loved every single moment of our wedding day.   It was better than I could have ever imagined it to be and I wish I could relive that day, on this day, each and every year.

Though marriage is not easy and real life is tough, you continue to be the center of my world.  I am so thankful for you and the hard work you put forth to provide for not only me but our children as well.  You have my whole heart, then, now, and forever.  This life we have built is one I wouldn’t trade for anything.  And, though I may not tell you enough, today I proclaim my love for you, once again, in the deepest, most sincere, and heartfelt gratification.  Thank you for choosing me, putting up with me, admiring my weird ways, and loving me each and every day!

We were supposed to be on a beach in the Dominican right now, but unfortunately we had to cancel due to Hurricane Maria.  We are making lemonade out of lemons, however, and spending the weekend in St. Charles, Missouri enjoying the beautiful, historic downtown, wineries, and good food!


Short and simple for today… have a blessed weekend!


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