Coffee Talk Ed. No 32

Friday and Fall are my favorite “F” words!  Cheers to the end of the workweek, and beginning of the weekend!  And all God’s people said, “Amen”!!

If you missed this weeks posts you can find them here and here!

I spent yesterday morning at Loyd’s Pumpkin Patch in Ashland, MO with my daughter and her preschool class.  It wasn’t snowing, but it might as well have been for as cold as we all were!  This good ‘ol Missouri weather 😉 !  Undoubtably, we still had a fabulous time picking a pumpkin, riding the hayride, petting the farm animals, milking a cow, and playing in the corn pit! She and I enjoyed a girls lunch at Panera after with some warm soup and mac n’ cheese! She made the comment afterwards, “Momma, we need to do this everyday!”


I (finally) got my hair cut and colored last weekend and let me tell you, it feels glorious!  There is just something about a fresh new “do” that make me feel rejuvenated and overall better about myself and life in general.  I’ve said before that a little damage from the bleach does my hair some good since I have naturally oily hair.  The bleach gives me some additional volume and helps hold it’s style.


Before and After

This is Us has been the one and only show I religiously watch on a weekly basis.  My family knows that if Tuesday nights are momma’s nights to have 1 hour of uninterrupted (haha yea right) tv time!  I do love it and I’m obviously going to keep watching but I am still frustrated with the fact that we (the viewers) STILL do not know how Jack died!

During my drive to and from my hometown, I like to listen to a podcast or Audiobook.  I just started reading (aka listening to…. who has time to sit down and read anymore?)  this book and I recently purchased this audiobook on Audible once I’m done with my current one- I’ve heard lots of great reviews!!

Yaaay for 1k followers!!  On Wednesday, I reached the 1000 followers milestone on Instagram and decided to do a giveaway.  I teamed up with Grand Marceline Coffee to give 1 lucky follower a FREE 8 oz signature blend coffee!  The drawing will be Sunday evening!

1k giveaway

We are having our annual Fall family pictures on Saturday.  I pray the kids will be in a good mood and they turn out as good as last years!  Also praying our outfits arrive in the mail today or I’m going to have to make an emergency trip to the Mall which I may have to do anyways because I picked out flannel button down shirts, sweaters, and scarves and yet the weather is supposed to be 86 degrees….. after it was just 40 degrees on Thursday!

I ordered this striped peplum top and and this ruffle cutout tee from Nordstrom…. I mean, who can resist a sale?

That is all!  Have a great day and weekend!


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