Coffee Talk Ed. No. 9

FRIDAY!!  Happy to see you indeed!

Yesterday, I was able to take full advantage of the free wifi at Panera.  I rested my feet on the chair across from me, and slowly sipped on an Iced Caramel Latte….just relaxing.  Something I don’t do nearly enough of these days.

We spent the majority of Easter Sunday with family at church in my hometown and again at a picnic shortly after.  I’ve still got the song Forever by Kari Jobe in my head.  Please, if you’ve never heard it, listen if you have time.  It is sooo beautiful with a powerful message.  Be sure to grab a tissue prior…. don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Easter 2017

Wednesday, I posted a sincere, heartfelt, self-written article on the hard, heartbreaking, and rewarding aspects of my career in ultrasound.  Surprisingly, the post has been shared a whopping 460 times on Facebook and liked over 1.2k times on the ‘sonographers do it in the dark’ Facebook page alone, with a grand total of 58,429 total views in the past 48 hours!!!  THANK YOU all so, so much for the love and support!  You sure have truly made my week!

Since the discovery of my BCC, I have been super skeptical of sun exposure. I tried the self-tanner I recently found in the back of my makeup cabinet.  I must say I’m thoroughly impressed with and will likely use again.  It’s the Neutrogena micro-mist sunless spray.  It smells good, however if you apply it to your entire, body as I did, the scent then becomes an overwhelming cloud which makes it hard to breathe.  But other than the overpowering smell, it is light and dries within minutes and the best part is that there was no streaking and the results are subtle.  It’s a buildable tan that gradually darkens with each layer.  I only applied a single layer but will likely go for two layers with my next application.


Unless you live under a rock, you already know Starbucks announced it official release of it’s brightly colored, yet reportedly disgusting, limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino on Wednesday.  My thoughts…. it’s freakin’ adorable and the inner child in me would like to try it!  But, let’s be honest, it was created to be instagrammed, with teenage girls being the demographic for this drink.  I’m content with my homemade vanilla latte, so I’ll spare myself the crazy, long line, 76 grams of sugar, and 410 calories!!

I have got my eye on a new book, The Couple Next Door.  And although I know I’m not a sci-fi kinda girl, I’ve heard good things and am entertaining the idea of watching the Netflix series, Stranger Things.

I’ve got a busy workday and a few cups of coffee ahead of me before I can fully enjoy the weekend!


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