Coffee Talk Ed. No 18

And just like that, it’s Friday once again!!  But it feels like a Wednesday…

If you missed this weeks posts, you can find them here, here, and here.

Last weekend’s festivities were so much fun!  A barbeque with friends and family is always a good time!  Burgers, beer, ring toss, swimming, bounce house, football, and fireworks…..what more could you possibly want?!  We had such a great time celebrating the 4th of July with our children.


While Addie isn’t a fan of large or loud fireworks, she did like the sparklers and colorful fountains.  Luke was mesmerized by it all, he just sat and watched so content.

We also went to the carnival in my hometown which started off pretty rough (I’m still laughing at the picture of them in the ride together), but they quickly warmed up and rode everything else with no problem!

Have you heard of these?  I’ve got to get my hands on one!  I’m all about a no-fuss, easy, and needle free skin care regimen.  The new beauty breakthrough from Olay Labs smoothes stubborn forehead lines from the convenience of your home!

These personalized vitamins come in individual daily packets specifically designed for you.  You take a quiz and they make recommendations based on your specific needs. Each month you receive a box with 30 daily packs of personalized vitamins.  You can adjust or cancel at any time and shipping is free over $20.


Have you heard of this new curling iron?  While it certainly looks different, I can completely see how it would provide easier curling with less strain.  While I’m not a huge fan of curling wands (I have a tendency to burn myself often), I would love to give this a shot just to see if it really does reduce shoulder, neck, and wrist strain.

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Have a great day and weekend y’all!

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