Dear Daughter

My dearest daughter,

You are growing up so fast and changing right before my eyes.  It seems like only yesterday your dad and I were waiting to meet you.  Where has the time gone?  I am so  lucky, blessed, and proud to call you mine.  One day, all too soon, I will share this letter with you.   It is my hope that as you make your way through life, you will always remember:

We love you

You are beautiful

The size of your clothes will never determine the size of your heart

Pray often

Be courageous

Don’t do drugs

Remember who you are

Be kind

We say no because we care

Your opinion matters

Friendship and popularity are not the same thing

Have fun!

Always believe you can (can’t never could)

Always make time for God

You hate our rules but our rules love you

Beauty is more than skin deep (pretty is as pretty does)

Be respectful

Dream big

Believe in yourself

It’s ok to make mistakes…we learn from our mistakes

Laugh a lot

Try new things

You are enough

Life isn’t a race

Live in the moment

May God keep you safe and guide you through this crazy thing called life.  It is short, so make the most of each and every day.  Keep your chin up and show the world your gorgeous smile. We love you more than you will ever know. There are not enough words to fully describe just how much you mean to us (but I think you get the picture)!  We can’t wait to see the work God does in your life and know you have exciting times ahead of you!

Love Always,

Mom and Dad

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