DIY: Framed Fabric

Most definitely one of the easiest DIY projects.

I decided to make my own wall décor since I could not find exactly what I was looking for in store or online (aka the stuff I liked cost a fortune).  I’m not one to decorate with a lot of color, but I wanted a pop of green for my breakfast nook.  One day in JoAnn’s Fabric I saw this fabric and decided to just make my own wall art.

Luckily, the fabric and the frames were both on sale! #winning

What you need:

  1. Frame
  2. fabric
  3. scissors
  4. pen

How to Frame it:

step 1: Iron fabric

step 2: trace the existing photo inlay for approximate sizing.  Tip: If you want the same pattern in all frames be conscious of where you trace.

step 3: cut the fabric approx. 1 inch wider than the area you traced

step 4: insert the fabric into the frame and place and secure the backing

step 5: hang and admire your work!

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