(Easy) DIY Frosted Artificial Christmas Tree

I’ve wanted a flocked Christmas tree for years but they’re expensive and messy.  I’d just purchased this tree last year so I knew there was no way I could convince my husband that buying another tree was justifiable!  So, I did what I do best!  I got creative and took matters into my own hands and now there’s a beautiful 9 ft frosted Christmas tree in our living room that I couldn’t be more proud of!

How To:

I began by placing two large trash bags together, side-by-side in lieu of a tarp, outside in our backyard.  I set up the stand and first layer of the tree (mines assembled in 4 sections) and fluffed the bottom most layer first.



I worked my way around the tree lightly spray painting each “limb” on top and bottom.  I gave some extra coverage to several of the branches for a more realistic look.







Once the bottom layer was done I repeated the steps over and over, section after section, until I’d reached the top!




The entire process from set-up to finish took less than one  hour.  I allowed the tree to dry for 3 hours and then brought it into our basement (still assembled).  After a few days I- yes lil’ old me- carried the entire tree, still assembled, up the stairs and into our formal living room (insert flex and fist bump).

Now, I’m just sitting here admiring my gorgeous, new frosted tree in all its glory feeling super proud of my successful efforts to complete another DIY project.  I absolutely love love love love looooove the look of it.  It gave me the exact frosted appearance I’d been dreaming of all along and it didn’t cost me a penny since I used two barely used cans of spray paint I had in storage.  Now all I have left to do is decorate it!



  1. Use a durable spray paint.
  2. Start from the bottom and work your way up in sections.
  3. Don’t spray too close!  Keep a 10-12 inch distance.
  4. Spray from every angle for the best coverage.
  5. Tape off the lights if your tree is pre-lit.
  6. Wear gloves so you don’t mess up your manicure.


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