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Over the years, my style has evolved into a very minimalistic, simple look.  Gone are the days of super bright, over-the-top trends (for me anyways).  I love a good statement necklace or earring occasionally, but I generally stick to simple earrings on a daily basis.

Admittedly, my left earring hole has basically ripped all the way down my lobe, remaining intact only by a small amount of skin due to the weight of some heavier earrings I used to wear in recent years.  So, keeping my earring choices light and delicate doesn’t weigh down my lobe.


I used to exclusively wear silver jewelry, but lately I’ve been wearing a lot of gold and rose gold.  Occasionally I will mix metals but that tends to feel like too much for my taste even though my engagement and wedding rings are white gold.

I keep my all of my earrings in a jewelry box but these front runners never seem to make it inside the box because they usually sit in a small trinket tray next to my jewelry box for easy access the next day!


I love these 5 particular earrings because they are delicate enough to be worn as the only piece of jewelry, other than my rings, or can be easily mixed and matched with a necklace, watch, or bracelets.



These are my two most recent purchases.  The others are older and are from Charming Charlies and Elizabeth Ashley.


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