Fashion Formula 101

Want to know the secret to looking consistently stylish?

Follow this simple magic fashion formula every time.

To break it down, the perfect outfit should consist of three main pieces: a basic piece, closet staple piece, an interest piece, which includes anything with color, pattern, texture or shine, and a third piece, the completer piece, which finishes the look off- a jacket or cardigan are my typical go-to’s. In some cases a long necklace could serve as a completer piece, especially when wearing a warm weather outfit and layers are out of the question.
Lastly, of course, the accessories are the fun final extras that make the outfit really you!

1 Basic

(closet staple- plain tee, jeans, or skirt)


1 Interest Piece

(color, pattern, and texture)


1 Completer Piece

(jacket, cardigan any non-essential accessory like a scarf, hat, or belt)


Standard Accessories

(bag, shoes, jewlery, sunglasses)

Utilizing this fashion formula works to keep outfits interesting and fashion-forward.  It will ensure that your outfits are never boring, well thought out, and put together! Following this formula is the ticket to success. You won’t believe how easy it will make your life, from getting dressed, to shopping for clothes, to picking out accessories.

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