Hair Identity Crisis

Long or short? Curly or Straight? Up or down? Bangs or no bangs? Highlights or lowlights?

Geesh… why is hair so difficult?!

I once heard someone say they have hair identity crisis and it stuck with me because I can totally relate.  By default, I was “blessed” with thin, blonde hair and those who know me, know I’ve pretty much had the same hairstyle (give or take a few inches here and there) for most of my life, but no matter how similar it may seem, I’m constantly trying new things.  Bangs, side-swept bangs, layers, no layers, warmer, cooler, you name it! I’m always in the search for something better or different.  As soon as I decide to grow my hair, I see a cute bob, or I highlight it then see a warmer, darker tone I want…. guess you could say that for the typical woman in me, nothing’s ever good enough!  FYI I’m currently trying very hard to grow my hair (we’ll see how long this lasts)!!!

I’ve been getting my hair highlighted since I was 13.  In fact, my Aunt Mary was the first to talk me into highlighting my hair (most likely without my mother’s permission!). I loved it!  It really gave me some added dimension and made me look tanner and I felt so grown up.  From then on, I was hooked (ok, I’m being dramatic.  I was not truly “addicted”, but you get the picture)!  15 years later, I’m still hocked on highlights.  This may sound crazy, but without the “damage” from the bleach, I feel like my hair has no grip or life.  It’s just dull and flat no matter how much volumizing product I use.  But, with a little “damage” aka highlight, it feels fuller, less oily, and styles much easier.

See My Current Hair Style


Also a step-by-step textured waves pictorial of how I style my hair

Here’s a list of my top 5 all-time favorite hair products


Here are a few of my all time favorite inspirational cuts, colors, and styles…

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