Homemade (Hot) Vanilla Latte

There are many delicious ways to enjoy espresso, but one that couldn’t be more classic is the Vanilla Latte. Just a few ingredients make up this favorite: Signature espresso, a little sugar, frothy steamed milk, and vanilla syrup.

This is my guilty pleasure.  I’d take a latte over a plain jane coffee any day.

Ever since I got my Nespresso Delonghi, I’m able to make my own homemade vanilla latte’s at home.

Ingredients I use:

I like it a little sweet so I add about a teaspoon of sugar and 1 pump of vanilla syrup to my empty cup.

vanilla latte

Then I add the espresso pod to the machine and select a single shot of espresso.

homemade vanilla latte

Stir it to make sure the sugar/syrup mixes well.

The hot milk then dispenses with a thick, frothy foam.  (my favorite part!)

I give it one last stir to even out the flavors and viola! Enjoy 😉

See my in-home coffee bar here.



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