iPhone App Organization 

My phone goes everywhere I go.  I use it for almost anything and everything…calls, texts, emails, alarms, shopping, photos, banking, bills, social media…..you get it! It’s basically an extension of my arm.  I love to organize and make things pretty.  So, naturally, I want my phone to be organized and pretty as well!  How? By bundling all the apps into similar categories with a cute wallpaper.

Grouping apps together in folders makes my home screen much less cluttered and easier to me to find what I’m looking for.


folders that work for me:

Alarm-clock and sleep cycle apps

Phone– settings, app store, contacts, find iPhone, calculator, FaceTime, tile, and adobe apps

Photo– camera, photos, layout, photo editor, shutterlfy, baby pics, font candy, flipagram, pic stitch, and iPhoto apps

Shopping- target, amazon, easy, wayfarer, walmart, craigslist, hobby lobby, sams club, lowes, zulily, realtor, zillow, car gurus, zaful, mod cloth, postmark, h&m, kohl, menards, eBay, polypore, groupon, birch box, and forever21

Social– facebook, instagram, snapchat, messenger, repost, boomerang, wordpress, bloglovin, and liketoknowit

Food-starbucks, panera, dunkin’, chick-fil-a, and mcalisters

Kids– tons and tons of learning activities and games!

Money– bank of america, wallet, wells fargo, allstate, and paypal apps

Audio– pandora, iTunes, music, youtube, shazam, relaxing, podcasts, audible, and iBooks apps

Fitness– watch, health, activity, and sweat apps

Weather-weather channel, weather, and KOMU apps

News– NBC, Today, and news apps

Travel– maps and google maps

Plans– notes, calendar, and voice memo apps

My next task, when time permits, is to organize the apps in alphabetical order….no that’s not a joke.  And just incase you’re wondering, yes, it is really bugging me that there are notification numbers at the top right of the social, money, and email apps!

Who knew organizing my phone screen would bring could bring such happiness!  It is truly satisfying!

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