Leopard Print- The Timeless Look

Leopard printed anything is one trend us fashion girls can’t resist!

Yes, it may be borderline flashy and bold but it has proven time and time again to be the “it” print that everyone is wearing.  Across the fashion world, it’s a classic for any closet.  From blouses to shoes or clutches and scarves, this spotted look is the #1 print that is more loved than ever.

Leopard Print Outfit


leopard print outfitleopard printleopard print and floppy hat

I don’t typically wear many hats, but this was such a fun look and photo shoot!  It’s a perfect outfit for going out to lunch or shopping with my girlfriends.

I know it’s common for many fashion bloggers to mix and match prints for an edgier vibe, but my style is more neutral and simple, I tend to keep my prints to a minimum.  Prints-on-prints-on-prints is just too much for me, so I like to break it up with solids.  For example, if I wear a printed top, I’ll wear solid pants and vice versa.

leopard print sweatshirt black floppy hat leopard print sweatshirt and floppy hat

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