Making an Entrance

Make the most of your hello’s and goodbye’s with a ‘welcoming’ first impression!

You decorate all other interior spaces of your home, why not extend the decor into your entryway?  After all, it is the very first thing your guests see as they enter you house.

As usual, I decided it was time up change things in my home once again.  This time it was the entryway’s turn to be made over.

Before it was clean and simple.  Really nothing wrong with it other than a lack of charm.









So much detail!  No more boring!

I incorporated a long runner which helps break up the dark furniture and and flooring.  It also adds texture and dimension.


The non-traditional mirror (50% off @ Hobby Lobby) adds a design element and is a focal point for the main wall.

The console table goes nicely with the space and allows for extra storage and the ability to incorporate some additional decor into the space.


When accessorizing a console table, you can’t go wrong with a lamp, a photo, florals, and a candle or wax warmer.  It’s important to used varied size items to keep the eye moving.    Layer the accessories and don’t be afraid to let your lamp or florals cover a portion of the mirror or artwork of your choice.


I kept the original photos and wall hooks on the opposite wall and added a tall floor vase with dried florals in the corner.



I also added a lantern and wicker basket filled with some extra pillows I found in my linen closet.  They help to conceal the lamp and wax warmer cords.




Lastly, and most importantly, we added a glass storm door.  I absolutely love this thing!  It allows so much more light to enter and make the space seem bigger and more open, where it once felt small and closed in.


I love the way this turned out!

 In the future I plan to add some tall wainscoting or shiplap to the walls for even more texture and style.


Shop this look!









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