My Chemical Peel Experience with The Strand Salon & Spa

Disclaimer:  The services I received from The Strand Salon & Spa were complimentary but my impression and opinions are 100% my own. 

Admittedly, I’ve struggled with acne prone skin for quite some time.  I rarely have pimples or blackheads, but rather painful, cystic, hormonal induced acne and post acne scars along my chin and jawline.  After carefully researching the best way to treat and get rid of acne and dark spots, I discovered that medical grade chemical peels have been the most successful treatment for a wide array of complexion concerns for a number of years.  Used to reduce the signs of aging, fade acne scars, and eliminate the appearance of hyperpigmintation, they are truly the most straight-forward and effective method of getting your skin to look better than it ever has.

Eager for a solution, I quickly searched for a nearby salon and came across The Strand Salon & Spa which had rave reviews and had recently been awarded the “Best of Columbia 2018”.  Excited, I reached out to the owner, Christy, told her about my blog and skin care needs and she kindheartedly booked a complimentary appointment with Laura who has been a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician for 15 years.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed with friendly smiles and “hello’s” by several cheerful front desk staff.  The tidy and bright salon was buzzing with sociable chatter and the low hum of hairdryers.  The entrance was adorned with comfy chairs and well kept, fully-stocked shelves of styling products and merchandise.  Wow!  Such a great first impression!

The Strand Salon and SpaThe Strand Salon and SpaThe Strand Salon and SpaThe Strand Salon and Spa

Laura promptly retrieved me from the waiting room and brought me back to the spa.  Together, we went over a few of my skin concerns and history.  I changed into a robe and settled into the warm (heated) and cozy bed ready for my nap…. I mean facial!

The Strand Salon and SpaThe Strand Salon and Spa

When she returned, she thoroughly went over the process of the procedures she would be performing.


  1.  Cleanse with mild face wash to remove my makeup.
  2. Tone with a hydrating toner to remove additional dirt, oil, and debris.
  3. Analyze skin’s texture, hydration, and congestion under a magnifying glass and spotlight.
    •  Determined that a dermaplaning peel would be best to treat my oily t-zone and acne on my chin and jaw.
  4. Dermaplaning.
  5. Wax upper lip and eyebrows.
  6. Microdermabrasion on the chin and cheek area
    • Breaks down and decongested skin.
  7. Extractions (pimple popping/black head removal).
  8. Sensi peel
  9. Oxygenating trio mask
    • supports skins metabolism and leaves skin glowing and radiant

Chemical Peel

Once we were through, she recommended I use an at home post procedure kit for 7-10 days and suggested I have another peel in 4-6 weeks to help with cell turnover rate.

PCA Post Procedure Care Kit


Immediately after my peel.  Red and shiny.  Slightly sore.  Not a good look for me! ha

Post Chemical Peel

The day after my peel (Friday), my face was very tight, shiny, and red.  It looked and felt as if I’d gotten a sunburn.  I was still able to apply a minimal amount makeup to cover most of my extraction sites but the following day my skin had become even tighter and drier.

By Sunday, my chin and jawline began to crack and shed.  I was constantly applying the ReBalance cream to reduce the dryness and I avoided makeup altogether.

Chemical Peel results

My forehead and temple areas began to peel as well on Monday, though not as heavily as the chin area.

My face continued to mildly peel and shed into Wednesday with a second layer of lighter peeling especially around my chin and nose.  I was very adamant about applying sunscreen and moisturizer twice a day.

Chemical Peel Results

By Thursday (one week later) most of the peeling had subsided but my skin still felt a little odd.  I was able to apply makeup again like I normally do, but it just didn’t seem to look right just yet.

In the following week , my skin felt and looked much softer. My pimple scars and post acne dark spots had disappeared and my face, overall,  appeared smooth and radiant.

Chemical Peel Results

 Overall, my skin tone and texture have improved from this peel and I am very pleased with the results.  Keep in mind, this was only a mild peel so it was not as intense as some of the stronger peels available but it was perfect for my delicate, sensitive, oily, acne prone skin.  The “downtime” was minimal and even though I ideally wanted to stay inside and hide from the public eye, I continued to go to work and do my regular activities.  I would totally do it all again, and plan to in the next month.   Doing a series of superficial, mild peels on a consistent basis will help me achieve desired results- reduces the appearance of fine lines, evens out skin tone, and treats acne.

The Strand Salon & Spa uses PCA skincare products with customizable and effective daily care and professional treatment products that allow estheticians to treat their clients no matter their individual skin type or concern.  Their products range from professional peels to daily care so you can achieve and maintain optimal skin health.  They are the exclusive area distributor of the Davines family of products, imported all the way from Italy, and they also carry Rusk and Aveda haircare products.

I can’t say enough nice things about The Strand Salon & Spa and my dermapeel experience!  I want to extend a big “thank you” to Christy for the complimentary service.   The salon atmosphere is wonderful and the care I received from both the front desk staff and Laura was superb!  I am looking forward to my future visits and am excited to see my skin improve.

Request and appointment or check out their salon and spa services today!


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