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 It may seem a little early yet to some of you, but you just never know what could happen or when the big moment will come, so being prepared is my biggest priority.  With 10 weeks left to go, I find myself nesting more and more.  This past weekend, I did just that.  I brought all my “baby” totes out of storage and sorted through them to find everything we would need. I even disassembled the infant car seat and washed it along with 2 other loads of baby laundry (smells soooo good).

With the car seat installed, the clothes washed, folded, and hung away, I feel more at ease and “ready” for this baby boy to make his debut.  All that is left is to pack my hospital bag.

Let’s be honest, there really isn’t anything you “need” to bring to the hospital.  They provide you with everything you could possibly need.  But, if you’re like most moms, it’s nice to have a few preferable, personal items with you to make your hospital stay a little more like home.

With my first born, I’ll admit, I went a little overboard and packed practically everything except the kitchen sink.   So this time around, I’m keeping it very simple.

  1.  two onesies
  2. nursing bra (Jessica Simpson from Motherhood)
  3. maternity pants (also from motherhood; stomach is still swollen after delivery, so it’s nice to still wear comfortable stretchy maternity pants)
  4. eyeglasses (Kate Spade New York)
  5. iphone/ipad charger
  6. receiving blankets (Aden and Anais from Target)
  7. travel size shampoo/conditioner
  8. travel size toothpaste
  9. Lanolin nipple cream (I used Medela Tender Care last time around)
  10. chapstick
  11. robe (target)
  12. 2 sets of pajamas (target)
  13. slippers (target)
  14. face wash
  15. travel size bar of soap
  16. travel size lotion

Also, not pictured, is my iPad, camera, and boppy pillow (which won’t fit int he bag anyways).

No need to take huge bottles of toiletries or an over the top makeup bag.  I just went to target and got the travel size version of things (even if they’re not my typical brand or first choice…they get the job done).  Remember, it’s not a glamorous event, and no one expects you to look your “best”….you just had a baby! Take advantage of the few days you’re in the hospital to relax and rest, because when you go home, the real fun starts!

As far as bringing a blanket or pillow, I don’t mind the pillows at the hospital, and I slept just fine with the sheets and covers they provided. You can always ask for more pillows or blankets at any time.

Another thing I want to mention is to leave the diaper bag at home. The hospital will provide you with diapers, wipes, a swaddle blanket, and lotion for baby and be sure to take the left overs home!

Comfort is key during your hospital stay.  And now I know to only pack the necessities! Less is more.

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