My LipSense Product Review

I love the look of lipstick, but I must be honest when I say it’s not a huge part of my everyday makeup routine.  I am perfectly fine with just wearing a gloss or lightly tinted lip balm, but lately I’ve found myself more and more interested.  I have to admit, I’m lazy with lipstick.  I’ll apply it along with the rest of my make-up and then forget to re-apply it as the day goes on.

Thanks to Hillary Bare, who sent me a sample starter kit, I was able to finally try LipSense for myself and give it a chance to transform the way I think (or should I say don’t think?) about lipstick altogether.

What is LipSense?

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably already heard of or have tried LipSense.  LipSense, by Senegense, is a popular, long-lasting, smear-proof, waterproof lipstick.  The Lipsense collection of colors and glosses is expansive. There are currently 36shades of the Lipsense Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colors available, plus a number of topcoat gloss options.   And because of the 2-3 step layering process, they give you the option to combine different colors and create completely unique shades and combos.

Application Instructions

  1.  Clean lips.  Remove any lip balm or other left over products
  2. Shake the tube of lipstick
  3. Apply three coats of liquid color, allowing each layer to dry for several seconds in between
  4. Finish with a layer of gloss to seal and hydrate
  5. Use oops remover to correct any mistakes

My LipSense Experience

Because I’m more of a lipgloss or tinted lip balm wearer, I initially perceived the whole LipSense process as a bit difficult.  It just seemed like a lot of steps and honestly I was a little intimidated/nervous.  But, of course, my anxiety quickly lessened once I got started.




The color I chose to demo was Apple Cider!  I tend to wear very neutral, soft tones so this color was perfect for my liking!



First coat impression:  It is a lot runnier than I had imagined.  It really feels like thin paint.  Oooooh, it kind of stings, just a little.  It does not have a remarkable scent and it gets ‘sticky’ very quickly which made it hard to refrain from rubbing my lips together immediately after applying the first coat.


Second coat impression:  Okay, I can really see the color now.  My lips are feeling really dry.  Still hard to refrain from touching my lips together.  I look really awkward holding my mouth open like this.


Third coat impression:  Alright, I really want that gloss about now, my lips feel like a desert!  It is so, so, soooo hard not to rub my lips together in the traditional lipstick or lip balm manner.  Also, my jaw is starting to hurt; I’m ready to close my mouth! (Ha)  The color, however, is vibrant and rich.
DSCN2825Gloss impression:  Aaaah!  That’s more like it!  The gloss is a MUST.  Now, I can relax my jaw.  Wow!  The color looks great!

DSCN2826DSCN2827Overall, the Lipsense Lipstick is a long wearing lipstick that lasted on my lips for at least a good 6 hours + before I noticed it starting to wear off (mainly on the inside) and get flaky around the corners.  What is most impressive to me is that it lasts through touching, rubbing, chatting, and drinking once it’s set, and it outlasts all my other lipsticks.  It’s a one and done thing, so I can apply it and forget about it, other than re-appling the gloss, which I would generally have done anyways with, or without, wearing the LipSense products.

I was very impressed with the overall wear of the LipSense lipstick and do see myself wearing it on more of a regular basis.  Maybe not everyday because I’m more of a minimalist and prefer a more basic, swipe-and-go lip products (especially on busy mornings), but especially for special occasions or going out.  I love the peace of mind I get, knowing that even through eating and drinking, it will still be there and all I will need to do is swipe on a quick layer of gloss.


I want to extend a big “Thank You” to Hillary for sending me the LipSense starter kit.  I am especially grateful for the opportunity to try these products and share my experience using them.  I hope to expand my color collection in the months ahead.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll step out of my comfort zone and something a little more bold!

Before and After


Please contact Hillary Bare for questions, helpful tips, and/or purchase inquiries!





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