Picture Perfect

Starting last year, I decided to make it a yearly tradition to have family pictures taken each Fall.  I like to use them for Christmas Cards but, it’s also nice to have a documented photo from the same time each year to look back on through the years and see how much we’ve changed (or make fun of!).

I have pinned what seems like hundreds of “family picture outfit combinations” on pinterest in preparation for the big day.  Last year we went with a navy and red color scheme, and this year we did burnt orange, tan, and brown.

As I recall, last year it was fairly easy to take picture of the three of us.  We brought along our nephew to distract Addison, or rather, get her attention, so it appeared she was looking at the camera and smiling….and she did just that!  She was really cheesing it up!


This year, different story!  We weren’t able to bring our nephew along this time and she is now developing stranger anxiety.  Needless to say, it took quite a few shots to capture the “perfect” pose, but somehow we managed to pull it off.  Whew!


Excited to see how our 2016 family photos turn out as we will have a new member of the family (a boy) joining us in March!!!!!

Big THANKS again to Debra Aslanidas for capturing these moments.

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