The “everything” drawer

We all have that one drawer that accumulates a little bit of everything. Things that have absolutely no reason to be there.  It’s where you toss items you 1) don’t necessarily know what to do with, 2) are too lazy to return them where they came from, or 3) intend to only keep temporarily but then forget they’re there.



You clean it out, but time and time again, it fills right back up with more and more junk!  Now most people just have the one “everything” drawer, but us…. oh no, one drawer isn’t good enough for us, we have two!  Two junk drawers right next to each other!!!  What? Why?!  Well, I’ll tell you why.  The one everything drawer gets too full, and instead of us taking the time (ha, right who has time) to organize it, we just start tossing things into the drawer right next to it!!  Seriously?!

So the other day, I made it my mission to declutter and organize the junk drawers and downsize back to the original everything drawer.

I am ashamed and alarmed at how much literal trash was in there.  Empty crayon boxes (yes, more than one), sucker wrappers (??),  battery packages with 0 batteries, flash cards, pictures, checks that had already been electronically deposited, coupons….a butt load of expired coupons (dang it), 2 hammers….TWO, 3 pair of scissors, electrical tape, a remote, valentines day cards, loose pens (2 of which don’t work), markers, and crayons, a manual on how to use the mixer I got over a year ago, thank you cards, etc., etc….. oh. my. gosh!!!!!  I feel like a hoarder!!!!  And just in case you’re wondering the beer was not in the drawer, I was drinking it at the time!



Here are a few helpful tips I use while cleaning:

  1. Have a trash can or trash bag nearby
  2. Get a large tote
  3. As you sort your way through the drawer, trash what’s trash and toss all items to keep in the tote.
  4. Once the drawers are empty, wipe the drawer out with a damp rag.
  5. Focus, now, on the tote of items to keep.
  6. Sort items into piles.  Example: I group items by the room they belong in.
  7. Start filling the drawer again, but ONLY with the items you absolutely have no other designated space for.  Items such as batteries, keys, flash lights, cell phone chargers, dog collars/leash, extra garage door opener, note pad, one pen, and one pair of scissors.
  8. Put items in the piles away group by group.
  9. Smile and admire your work!  Isn’t it beautiful?!


so. much. better.  Now, fingers crossed it will remain this tidy.

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  • Reply
    April 17, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Let me know how long it stays this way……

    • Reply
      April 17, 2017 at 3:50 pm

      Fairly certain there’s already a few things in there that shouldn’t be!!!

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