Grand Marceline-The most ‘magical’ coffee and cocoa

A couple of Friday’s ago I received a delicious surprise in my mailbox!  A sample of coffee and hot cocoa mix from, my hometown‘s (Marceline, MO- hometown of Walt Disney) very own coffee company, the Grand Marceline Cocoa and Coffee Company!!!


I don’t consider myself to be a coffee connoisseur, but it’s no secret that I love my coffee, so I was especially eager and anxious to try it ASAP!  I preheated my Keurig, picked out my favorite coffee mug, filled the reusable k-cup filter, and pressed start (insert happy dance).

To my disappointment, nothing happened! A dreaded ‘error’ messaged flashed on the screen, “Oops! This pack wasn’t designed for this brewer.”  Apparently, the reusable filter I had from my previous Keurig is not compatible with our new 2.0 model.  So I settled for a cup of the cocoa instead while I ran to Target for the correct filter….

I was completely taken a back by how delicious the hot cocoa was!  It’s super rich and just sweet and chocolatey enough to satisfy my chocolate craving! The after taste reminded me of smooth chocolate ice cream (speaking of ice cream, I bet this would be great in a milk shake!).  I’m fairly certain I saw fireworks, you know, like the ones that go off over the castle at Disneyland?!!  That good!!

Once home from Target, I fired up the Keurig yet again, and muttered a quick prayer!

Hallelujah!! It worked!!

The all-too-familiar mechanical grinding of the brewer began, a steady stream of freshly brewed coffee filled the mug, hot steam danced from the brim, and within seconds, the rich, heavenly aroma of roasted coffee wafted heavily throughout the kitchen.


Though it was extremely hot, I just had to have a sip… I could immediately taste the ‘magic (more fireworks)!

The bold, rich, nutty, somewhat smokey flavor tasted just as pleasant as it smelled.  The rich texture and heaviness left a delightful lingering taste in my mouth.  I typically drink my coffee with creamer to mask the acidic taste, but there was no need for creamer since it wasn’t bitter.


This particular coffee had a well-balanced flavor in which the aroma, acidity, and body played in harmony so that no one element predominated the other.

This isn’t your average cup of cocoa or coffee.  It’s a unique brand with a unique story in an even more unique Mid-Missouri town!


Overall, I was very pleased with the cocoa and coffee.  They both exceeded my expectations!  I will definitely be stopping by their shop with every trip home and most likely ordering some of each in the near future!  Huge ‘Thank You’ to Rachel Gauthier for the samples.  Much appreciated and sooooo delicious!

  1.  The company/cafe is located in Marceline, MO- boyhood hometown of Walt Disney.
  2. They make, sell, and distribute unique fire roasted coffee and cocoa that roasted on Victorian fire roasters.
  3. The owners are passionate about their coffee and cocoa and you can smell and taste the ‘love’ in each and every bag.
  4. You never have to worry about running out because you can receive an auto shipment of their coffee or cocoa right to your mailbox! (save 15% when you sign up for home delivery)

I hope you found this information and review helpful and will give the Grand Marceline Cocoa and Coffee Company a try! I promise you won’t be let down.


106 N Main St USA

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