Undone Waves for Short Hair; a Step-by-Step Pictorial

I get lots of likes and comments on my current hairstyle and was most recently asked to do a tutorial. While I would love to film a tutorial, I find it very hard to dry and style my hair all in one, uninterrupted setting thanks to my kids ;).  So, after an off and on debate, I finally decided it would work best for me to do a step-by-step pictorial of my hairstyle routine!  For those of you asking, here you GO!

 I leave my hair wrapped up in a towel while I apply my makeup before styling my hair, so my hair is just damp by the time I’m ready to style it.

First, I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb.

Then I apply aquage uplifting foam to the roots at the top half of my scalp.


I work the products into my roots by hand and comb again.


After this, I section off my hair into three layers and begin drying starting with the lower most section.

I use a large round thermal ceramic brush and a Paul Mitchell Pro-Tools hairdryer to create a voluminous blowout.


Once all three layers are dry, I section off my hair into three layers, once again, and begin curling.

For this particular look, I used a 1 inch Conair curling iron.

Keep in mind, I’m not going for a perfectly curled look, so I don’t leave the curling iron on very long, mostly just long enough to bend the ends a little and create a subtle wave.  You could also purchase a curling iron that has an adjustable heat setting if you prefer to use less heat as this one does.

tip: alternate the direction of the curls but always curl “away from face” in the sections that frame your face.


Once the bottom layer is curled, I lightly spray on some Kenra Volume 25 hairspray to help ‘set’ the curls which also adds extra texture and grip to my otherwise fine hair, and continue on to the second (middle) layer.

Curl with the same technique of alternating directions with the curls…. away, towards, away, towards…

Once again, it doesn’t have to be perfect and the size of the curls don’t have to be the exact same size.  Remember, we’re going for an undone, messy look 😉


After the middle layer is done, I curl the third and final layer in the same manner as before.


A quick check of the back of my head in the mirror allows me to make sure I didn’t forget any pieces, and if all is good, then I spray a generous amount of Living Proof Dry Volume Blast or Amika Undone Texture spray through out my hair for even more volume (can you tell I like big hair?)


Following that I tease the top and sides with a teasing comb and gently tame it down with my fingers so I don’t lose any of the height.



One final check of the back and sides in the mirror and it’s time to finish with Kenra Volume 25 hairspray (my favorite hairspray of all time!).  I like to lift large sections of my hair up while applying the hairspray to maintain its volume.

And there you have it- A step-by-step pictorial of my undone, messy waves!


It may seem like a lot of steps, but I promise once you get used to it, it just becomes second nature and it goes by really quickly.  The best part is, you can’t really mess it up, since it’s already supposed to look like an effortless, imperfect style!

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