Updated Breakfast Nook With Free Printable Art Work & Instructions On How to Hang A Level Gallery Wall

I’m always changing up the decor in our home one room at a time until I get it just right! My most recent update was our breakfast nook.  While planning to update the wall decor into a gallery wall, I knew I wanted it to be simple, neutral, and budget friendly.  After searching pinterest for ideas, I came across cottage and vine’s blog which then linked me to A Daily Something’s blog that offered free printable botanical prints.  The lavender, thyme, rosemary and chamomile botanical herbs go perfectly in my kitchen area and I just love the vintage simplicity.

free botanical prints


Once I downloaded the prints, I simply printed them off on ordinary copy paper.  I then searched online at Target for some frames and ended up purchasing these 11 x 14 frames with the 8 x 10 mats included.


breakfast nook before picture


breakfast nook update during

hanging a level gallery wall

gallery wall

gallery wall

gallery wall

gallery wall

gallery wallgallery wall

Since this gallery uses the same sized frames, it made the hanging and planning process much easier.  Below, I will show you how I hung the entire gallery wall of 6 frames in about 15 minutes using formal measuring tools.  These particular frames had two hooks, therefore it was a bit more tedious than if they had only had one.

Step One

Measure the width of the wall.  I knew I wanted the frames to be centered, so I determined the overall width and made a small tick mark in the very center of the wall with a pen.

Knowing there were six frames, I started with the top, middle frame.

frames 1

Step Two

Measure the distance from between the saw tooth hanging hooks center to center.

In my case, they were 8 inches apart.


Step Three

 Find the center tick mark on the wall and center your yard stick within the distance you measured.  I always use a level to be sure the frames stay even.

In my case, 4 inches was the center point.


Make two more tick marks on the wall at 0 and 8 inches.  This is where your first set of nails will go.

Step Four

Lay the frames out on the floor or table and determine how far apart you want them to hang.


Measure from the outer saw tooth hook of one frame to the outer saw tooth hook of another.


Step Five

Return to the wall and measure out that distance you determined with a yard stick (don’t forget to use the level).  Make a tick mark at said distance from the outermost nail to the right and left on BOTH sides.

Step Six

From those last tick marks, still using the yardstick and level, measure out the distance you first calculated between the set of two saw tooth hooks on the back of the frame(s) and make yet another tick mark.  Once that is done, you will have the final 2 sets of nails in place for the top row of frames.


Step Seven

My goal was to keep all the frames on the upper and lower rows the same distance apart so I measured the distance from one frame’s edge to another frame’s edge and used that as my reference for starting the bottom row.  So the distance between the frames on the top level are the same distance apart from the bottom level.


frames 2

Repeat Steps 1-6 again for each additional row.

gallery wall breakfast nook

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