Waxing While Pregnant

I had convinced myself that I would never get a bikini wax or Brazilian wax while pregnant.  I’d heard too many horror stories of bleeding, bruising, and other leg-crossing injuries.  However, more recently, I began thinking in a totally different light!  I hate shaving.  The insane itchiness, redness, bumps, and overall discomfort just wasn’t worth it. Weeks of no regrowth or itching all of a sudden became very enticing!

I began searching the internet for information on waxing.  Once again, many mixed reviews.  I also asked several close friends about their experiences and which salon they recommended.  Finally, I ended up making an appointment at the European Wax Center.


On the day of my appointment I was nervous.  So much so, I almost cancelled.

I have 0 pain tolerance.

I knew it wasn’t going to feel good.

I knew it was a stupid idea.

I knew, deep down, my doctor and nurses who were going to be staring at my nether regions for umpteen hours wouldn’t care what “it” looked like! They’ve seen it all….

But, I cared.

And I was determined to at least give it a try.

Palms already sweaty when my name was called, I hesitantly followed the esthetician into the soundless, bright lit torture chamber.  The smell of burnt wax and germicidal permeated the tiny, cold, and barren waxing room.

Thinking the lady was going to step out and give me a moment of privacy, when she asked me to undress from the waist down, I waited….but she never left! Uh Duh!!!  She’s going to be staring at my Hoo-Ha anyways so what did it matter if she stepped out while I undressed?!

So there I was…

Laying on my back.  37 weeks pregnant.  Belly so big I couldn’t see my crotch and struggling to breathe!!

She wasted NO time.  Before I knew it…before she even had time to explain the procedure, or I had time to ask a single question, she was cleaning me off with some alcohol wipes then pouring baby powder down there and then BAM!… hot wax smeared clear across my right groin.

Thinking she would let that side harden and rip it off, I let out the breath I was holding.


BAM!…more hot wax on the left groin.  Wasn’t expecting that.

A little tug of the right and a gentle pull and the right was done.

Then a tug of the left and pull and done.

WOW!  That wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t a dramatic, full force rrrrrrrip I had imagined.

She applied pressure with her hand to ease the “pain”.

She repeated these steps several times at a fast pace, giving me no time to prepare or think about what would happen next.

Next thing i knew, she had me bring my knees to my chest…..I mean, TRY to bring my knees to my chest…but with a beach ball for a belly, they didn’t make it that far!  Time for the ummm…. the butt!!

The warm wax was applied and removed in the same swift manner as the front and sides and just like that she said, “All done!” (she did have to tweeze a few of the hairs that were too small for the wax to grab….which is more painful than the waxing but still tolerable)

What!  That was it?? All done? Already!?

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and relatively painless the whole thing was.  I couldn’t believe how worked up I let myself get for something as simple as that.  If I had known it was going to be that easy I would have been doing it all a long!  And the best feeling was how smooth and clean things felt afterwards.  No awkward walking to prevent chaffing.  No bruising.  No bleeding. NO PAIN!

Highly Recommend it! Would do it again in a heartbeat!

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