Why I Love Rollerball and Purse Spray Perfumes

 Floral, oriental, woods, citrus, fruity…. ever noticed how there are soooooooooo many fragrances to choose from when you’re searching for a new scent?  With so many fragrances, it would be impossible to buy them all unless you’re just stupid rich and since the full-size bottles are so big, it would also be nearly impossible to finish each bottle in a lifetime. Enter rollerball perfumes- the perfect way to enjoy all the fragrances you want!  Here’s why I love them.

why I love rollerball perfumes

  1.  Affordable

    • They’re so much cheaper than the full-size versions
    • you can purchase a rollerball size of your favorite perfume at Sephora or Ulta for around $25
  2. Adorable

    • tiny and cute novelty item
    • adorned in cute packaging
  3. Less Wasteful

    • great for targeted application
    • no more wasting perfume when you spritz it (seriously, think about the amount of overspray)
  4. Variety

    • since they’re cheaper, you can finally afford to purchase a different fragrance for every day of the week or to match your many moods!
  5. Travel Friendly

    • compact in shape
    • easily slip into a purse or luggage
  6. Gift-able

    • great, cute, affordable option for present ideas


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