“Wier” doubling the love

And then there were four….

Sometime at the end of July, I discovered I was 8 weeks pregnant!  Don’t know what enticed me to take a pregnancy test (my periods are always abnormal and off and I didn’t feel sick or tired), but I did and it was POSITIVE and now, here we are!!

IMG_4775As I may have mentioned once or twice before, I am an Ultrasonographer, so the first thing I did was scan myself really quickly to see if it was really true.  Sure enough, there was a little black blob sitting in the middle of my uterus!  Our future baby Wier!

IMG_4778After my first doctors appointment, we discovered “it” would be making his or her appearance in March 2016!

There are no words to describe how blessed we are and the overwhelming feeling of excitement that comes along with expecting a baby!!

When I was pregnant with my daughter I scanned her often.  I was so curious how things were developing and was so anxious to know whether she was a boy or girl.  This time around, I scanned myself every two weeks or so.  Not that I wasn’t anxious or excited, but I guess since it was the second time around I already knew what to expect to see.

I could tell my daughter was a girl at about 15 weeks, however, this go around, I wanted to be surprised…..or so I thought!  Wrong!  I couldn’t wait to find out.  I opted to have the 12 week DNA based blood test done to screen for chromosomal abnormalities which also can determine the sex of the baby (something different rather than just scanning myself like last time).

When the results came back about a week and a half later, I decided not to find out right away.  Instead, I asked the nurse to put the results in an envelope and I would pick them up later that day.  Once I picked the envelope up, I took it straight to Hyvee where I told the bakery my plan to do a gender reveal party that upcoming weekend with family.  They made a dozen vanilla cupcakes with white icing and pink and blue sprinkles AND either a pink or blue filling depending on the results that were still sealed inside the envelope!!  It was sooo hard not to peek!


That Saturday, we hosted a small BBQ at our home with family.  After dinner, we FINALLY got to eat the cupcakes!  The anticipation was so exciting!!  Moment of truth!  Our future was about to be revealed! My husband and I were the first to take a bite……. a BIG bite!!




We are so excited to meet this sweet baby boy!  I can’t wait to see what/who he looks like and to smell him ( I love the way newborn babies smell)!!  I’m also anxious to see how his big sister will react to his arrival.  God is good and we are blessed beyond belief!

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